All of this Shit

Picture: Here

Picture: Here

On this cold day with all of asshole surround me, I felt that this world was bunch of banishment cart for a lot of shit. No one can I ask, no one can share with him or her every thing on this life. Every one who I see, share his problem with his wife, girl friend, or with a whore who he sleep with. He can pay a woman not just for sex but also for listening. Well how pathetic it is. Continue reading


at the morning

You’r so beautiful on this moment, wake up on the morning with raggy hair, sensual voice, and sexy body. Make me want more and more, repeat the moment on last night.

Your body up my body, your breath sweapt my face, your harm body gave me comfort. I dont want to wake up, stay on this bad all of this day just with you. Give you my liquid of life, by my self. Get inside your body, give it by my self, see your sensual face with enjoyment expression, your body tense feel the pleasure, your hand squeeze my arms or my hair or my shoulder, or my back. What a beautiful moment in that time.. Continue reading

Naked Pants


So one part of woman body where I like was buttocks, hip, thigh, calf, leg,  and more than that was the part between two thigh. Althoug its covered but most of that is useless. We also can see through that pants,.

Barren forest or dense forrest who separate with deep gully or some one say a cave in that gully. Every one try to get inside and feel the heaven. Did they know that many mans thinks like us? Continue reading

A Squeeze


How is that feel if you squeeze that things, the  two twin hill. Woman love that and mans love that to. Feel so good in our hand and she enjoy it. Lucky for us if she has the big one, if that hills just like a pile me my self can enjoy it.

Its sexy when see them not used the bra, that hills up and down when she walk. Or the nipple would swell on her cloth. Damn its a beutifull view..

The Artwork

Woman, the most beauty and the most artistic creature, can you imagine if woman do not exist on this planet. There are could be the homo  around the country. Fuck, that is disaster for human kind.

The woman body was most beautiful and artistic form. Just enjoy this view and wish she in your bad tonight.. Continue reading