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For along time, some of my office friends talk about “togetherness”. They said that every one should care with what another one do. Helping them if there was things to do (they mean is they work). “In our place, there (togetherness) was lose know..”

I agree with them, but in fact, they want another one helping them but they neither. They had physical work but another one had a bureaucracy work. People like them cant do any thing about bureaucracy work, never use they brain just their muscle. So, they cant help us. We have a do to work in the same time, but they dont care “Help Us, Work with Us..!!” they said.

There was happen on my office was look like what I told you in my “The Hypocrite” post.

Much of us was crazy with them, childish, arrogant, and deaf. Think that every things was another one mistake. Introspection, they didnt have that..

Am I Idiot?

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Has you waste some things? And than when you think you will need it, so you take it back.cIts like a rubbish..

I felt like that, One of my boss was man with shining career, young and hansome. Every one want to close with him. From the baginning, we not like each other, but he never show it. Still smiling and say “hello” with me.

I realizied this condition, but I still the weak man. Not just this man, but also my another friend office did that. And I cant do any things, because when I faced them, I become weak..

I am the looser, and I let they have fun with that..

I dont know until when this condition will run like this. Continue reading

A Man There..

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Some day I felt lonely but in same time but another side I felt powerfull. All of the member of my office was make a secret off me. They planing something and me, as a member of this office was not take a part.

Well, I furious with this but I dont want to ask them. Just let it go..

What about you my friends? Did you got the same things like I do?

This world was full of hates, conspiracy, liar, asshole, and many things. I always say to my self “Just patient, through all of this things with courage. Behind the difficult time, happiness is waiting for you in there..”

Some things work, but much of them was not. Continue reading

This Beauty

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Ilustration Picture: Internet

In this few time, I cant stop thinking about woman. Oh.. dear god, that is so pathetic..

This cause of my friend who always talk about the woman. How beautiful they are, they can be our confidante or cause of our fallen. If you luck, you got the first..

I has know a girl who beautiful, sensual face, and crazy body. She is cute, every man want to close with her. No matter married man or single. And I, just watching what happen out there..

Some time we look each other, smiling each other, or ignored each other. We never talk each other, I just admire her from the back.

Every seen her, I felt bad. Want to talk but I dont know how. Just give my smile and then she would greet on me. Its beautiful..

Today, I have see her talk with another guy, he is married man and all of my friends on my office known that he is an asshole. In every moment he have, he always try to talk with her.. Continue reading

Like Opium

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Ilustration Picture: Internet

Wise man said that “If you see some one got a luck, you should happy for them..”

Easy to say, because in fact I has see that many people get mad if there some one more lucky for them. Yes, me was including in this case. But I have try to change that, because, there was no goodness in there. Just make us more and more look like a stupid.

But what should we do if that feeling come to our mind..?

Just like when you see a hotie with sexy body, full pressed body, and sensual face, its can make you have a fantasy about her. Just my sausage with her donat.. damn..

Well, my friend say ” Its like opium..!”


be fooled

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Ilustration Picture: Internet

A Letters from The Hurting Friend..


Woman, the not understanding creature. We never not what happen on their mind, what exactly their things. This beautifull creature was a like a opium, like them, crazy of them, thinking about them, want them, love them, and want to fuck with them. Every normal guy want it..

They look like a weak creature. But that is not real, that is camouflage..

Most a gantleman was weak when faced them. The feeling of man to protect, to be gentle and waise, feel like a hero was make a man weak. Some of woman was understand that, and felt good with this kind of man. But some of this bitch was used this man feeling, they was ambitious creature, selfish, egoist, and cruel.

Unpredictable, use their beauty or personalty to inebriating the man. Make a man anattentive, and shoot them from behind. Cheating was their way to killed a man, broke the man heart can kill them slowly. How cruel is it..

I has faced it a few time, I mean, again and again. Its hurt to felt like that, the woman who we trust, who we give our big attention to her. Cheating on us..

We give our hope to them, put our trust on them – but in another way, behind us – their fucking on us. I am sory, I mean cheating on us.. Continue reading

Girl and The Ride

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Ilustration Picture: Internet

In my country, motor bike was very popular. Almost every one in my neighborhood was have it. Event a kids from Junior High School have it, ride it to the school or hang out with their friend. Its horrible..

Because my country is development country where the law make to be breached, so there was many accident. Many of them die, broken the body, or disabled. The ride so fast in the road, not care with the other and even their life. So idiot you call.

But the motor bike was good for a lover, they can cuddling each other. Its better option because is not, they should find the place to do that. The consequence is they will arrest by the people and the officer.

The fenomena who I seen was there many sexy girl ride they motor cycle or scooter with their sexy dress. Damn, there is so hot, naughty, and bitchy. You can see their body texture clearly, they skin, legs, breasts, and many more. Imagen that this kind of girl cuddling you from the back, you can feel their breast. Damn.. Continue reading


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