The Looser on the office

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“A looser still a looser and always be a looser, they never raise up. Always stay on the floor, from a day to another day they always the same guy. Never change and never learn..” my friend say one day to me.

I have a friend on my office, always complain, every day is complain. For him and his friend there are injustice in our office so they never do the best. Every one see it and just smile to this group, they can do nothing to, face the protestant was the bad think they evaded.

So one day, my bad day and bad luck. This loosers came to me, they just want to talk but the condition came bad, they told me, ask me to talk to the bos. My fault, because I try to confirm what they told me, that is bad idea because they never want to hear. For them, they opnion was and always right. My bad luck, because they work under my supervision.


We need it..

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What you think about sex? you need it? consume it?

What if you dont have a sex for a while? What you feel?

Damn, I have. Like a starving dog who viewed bones, just like that. But you can, they are your friend, have a husband or boy friend. What do you think to do?

Imagine that you have sex with a girl, seeing porn magazine or porne video, or what? Pathetic than you? back to the old time.

We need sex and she also, what she think? Have she think the same with us?

The Fool One

dabaa3e5938750a280181725e3b0d748I wondering if I meet with some one arrogant, because he in high position on the office, or have the money more than another one, or he was senior employee. I have heard people say ” If some hate you, blame you, or make you  fool front another people. Actually he threatened of you, fear of you..”

Well, I heard that in every where the man like this is there, always exist, you can see them from the perform, sycophant.

Smart people like do stupid things and The Fools like pretending to be clever..

Its annoying


Leap Year

leap day2Leap Day, many people not realized this day, 29 of February. We know that as The Leap Year, only once in the past four year of the 29th. But, for you who birth on 29 of February, this day was the day you waiting for. Only every four years you celebrate this day.



Selfie Founder

Have you ask about who did the first SELFIE? Who the invented? So, let me tell you who the genius,
here he is:

Did you know, in the past he did selfie for just jocking, pretend to be an idiot? but now selfie has high rate, the cool one, the cute one, the wow, and many else..

Did you know that he was not the fool but otherwise he is the genius, a doctor. But he pretend be a fool not like most people today who pretend to be smart but in fact is The Fucking Idiot..


Seductive Teacher


When I still in the school, I hate this teacher. She think that boy like us still a kid? Even the elementary school student understand that. What is sex, female anatomy, and the mIlK (my favorite until now).

Standing front of class with full press body, sensual face, seductive voice, fragrant, and sexy body. I cant concentration to my lesson with this view, my wild imagination control my mind and bring her to my head with all of her bitchy side. So, am I false with this? Why this teacher did that? dressed like an artist? (or my friend say “like a bitch”)  for who?

For the parent? maybe she want to be one of the mother of her student?

Beware Student Imagination..

The Wicked Woman


I have a list:

  1. Talkative
  2. Smart ass
  3. Domineering
  4. Degrade others
  5. Have no repect
  6. Find the other one fault
  7. Sycophant
  8. The Bossy
  9. Sucks
  10. Articulate

You can add another list if you have, this is what I face on my world. Every place I had move, I always find this kind of man or woman. God must be kidding on me…




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